A sky full of dreams

Hey everybody.. lets begin with our today’s bunch of letters

DREAMS’ , evry1 have some or the other dream to fulfill in their life …

Their are many people who live to fulfill their dreams & they work really hard to make their dreams come true because for them its not just a dream its their life ,their future …

Many times it happen that u want to follow your dreams but u don’t believe in yourself … ‘Believe’ very simple word but it can do wonders

I feel that when you start believing in your heart , you can just do anything and find whatever u want … Don’t just loose hope if u lost something in life or u couldn’t get what you wanted .. Never give up just give your 100% always …

My question is.. Life is about what ? … people are breathing but u live when you get what you’ve always desired for.. So begin to live your dream from today from this very moment ..

Sometimes it happen you have to not just fulfill your dreams but you have to fight for it .. Dream can be small or huge .. but the courage to find and fulfill your dream should be infinite ..

Imagine a vry big & dark room very dark room where you can’t see anything and you try to find some way so that you can get out of that darkness and in a moment you see very far away a tiny dot of light you follow that light and you reach over their … and now you see its a little candle you take that candle and find your way out .. now you come out of that room and find very bright day out and you smile .. so what we get from this is ?? That whatever the situation is, in any worst situation their is always a ray of hope that will let u find your way out and you will find your happiness..

Good luck and Good wishes for u people

Thanks for reading ❤


Thought of the day

Dreams are like a garden if you water it .. it’ll give you beautiful flowers tasty fruits but if you just leave it it’ll get dry and never blossom .. 🧡

Just to begin

Hello guys and girls.. 🤗 This is my first ever blog … I always wanted to write but was always confused where to begin ? How to begin ? And many more questions in cue.. I am very much glad today that i m beginning here …

I feel that our life is very long to live but its very short too fulfill our dreams.. I believe in multitasking .. so i don’t want to be with just doing one thing in life .. i want to explore my life and that is why i am here to write what i feel and to share all of the knowledge i have ..

My blog is not about just one thing . Its about fashion, food, travelling, experiences of life, grooming, discussion on some mutual problems which are faced by evry1 out their ..

I want to just give u all the perfect words .. So that u read it by mind but it directly falls in your heart ..

Hope u all love to be part of my journey and we’ll explore together ..

Have a gr8 day ..

Thanks for reading

Thought for the day

Life is over not by death but when u think that u failed and give up .. ..❤

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